Gold Cup Project

The SSL GOLD CUP is the World Cup for sailing


Like the major World Cups (Mundial), the competition is an equal opportunity event with no social, geographical, financial, or cultural discrimination since all the conditions are the same for all teams. Like the major World Cups crown the world champion nations in their sport, the SSL GOLD CUP is “THE” ultimate challenge among sailing nations to crown the Sailing Champion.

Our Concept

Originated with the guidance of the world’s best sailors and the founders of the SSL (Star Sailors League), the SSL GOLD CUP shines a spotlight on the heroes of sailing and stirs sporting passions ignited by national pride.

Raced on high-performance boats, with all-national crews of nine, it will provide an action-filled “stadium style” spectacle following the success of the World Cup in football.
With the goal of encouraging participation from all countries, including small and emerging sailing nations, the SSL provides the boats and all facilities at no charge to the national teams for training and racing.

Our Objective

Developed as part of the World Sailing Special Event from an initiative by the world’s best sailors, this brand new Mundial shares the concept of all major World Cups: it aims to unite men, women, and the youth across all continents through the emotion created supporting their team. The SSL Gold Cup is the missing piece to challenge nations and to bring together a wide audience in an Olympic sport that appeals already to practitioners by the tens of millions.


Like a pinnacle event in football, the SSL GOLD CUP brings together the best teams from the five continents, 100% built of their best national athletes.

The SSL GOLD CUP will welcome 56 nations for its inaugural edition in 2022. This means that the SSL GOLD CUP will feature the world’s leading countries in the sport of sailing for this first global challenge dedicated to crowning the top sailing nation.

Never before has such a star-studded field of athletes come together for a battle between national teams in the sport of sailing.


Like the World Cup in football, early qualification rounds select the teams that advance to the knockout rounds. Racing is carried out with fleets of four boats in each race and four fleets in each round. Teams will be seeded based on the SSL Nations Ranking, with the top eight seeds guaranteed in the quarter-finals. Two fleets of four races in the quarter-finals will select the four teams to sail the single Grand Final race to crown the Best Sailing Nation.


The SSL GOLD CUP is a thrilling elimination series that leads to the supreme title. This innovative format enhances the tradition of sailing competitions and aims to crown the Top Sailing Nation at the end of a final, breath-taking, and easy-to-understand single race Grand Finale.


The first edition of the SSL GOLD CUP will be held in Switzerland, May – June 2022.
• Opening Ceremony: Lausanne, Olympic Museum
• Qualifying Phase: Grandson, Lake Neuchâtel
• Final Phase: Geneva / Lausanne, Lake Geneva


All sports fans, whether they are sailors or not, can get behind their national team and follow the team’s progress beginning with the training up until the end of October 2021, the final team selection in April 2022 just before the SSL GOLD CUP qualifications and Finale in May and June 2022. Like with the Olympics or the World Cup in football, even casual sports fans will be attracted to the SSL GOLD CUP, with their country competing against teams from other nations.

Rules & Regulation

Selection Regulation

The SSL Gold Cup Team Selection Regulations are the rules for selecting teams to compete in the SSL Gold Cup 2022. This includes protocol, team selection, selection dates, nationality criteria, emerging countries, and SSL Gold Cup selection board. With these guidelines, you can stay up-to-date to help select the best team possible.


SSL Gold Cup Charter

The SSL Gold Cup Charter is a document of the rules and regulations for all those who want to compete in the SSL Gold Cup. This charter has been put together to create a more fair and competitive league for all those who are interested in joining. We want to make sure you know that we are committed to providing a safe, equal, and inclusive environment for all SSL team members.


Ranking Regulation

The Star Sailors League is a global sailing competition with a focus on the technical and tactical aspects of competitive racing. This file provides rules and guidelines for all aspects of the league’s competition, including the allocation of points, classes, eligibility, and more.