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Following football in 1930, cricket in 1975 or rugby in 1987, sailing is ready to launch its brand new team MUNDIAL in 2022* with the SSL GOLD CUP. 

Like the major World Cups (Mundial), the competition is an equal opportunity event with no social, geographical, financial or cultural discrimination since all the conditions are the same for all teams. Just as the major World Cups crown the world champion nations in their sport, the SSL GOLD CUP is “THE” ultimate challenge among sailing nations to receive the title of the Sailing Champion. 

Developed as part of the World Sailing special event initiated by the world’s best sailors, this brand new Mundial shares the concept of all major World Cups: it aims to unite men, women and the youth across all continents through the emotion created through supporting their team. The SSL Gold Cup is the missing piece to challenge nations and to bring together a wide audience in an Olympic sport that already appeals to the tens of millions of practitioners. 


Like pinnacle event in football, the SSL GOLD CUP brings together the best teams from 5 continents, 100% built of their best national athletes. In 2022*, 56 teams from the 143 federations affiliated to World Sailing will take part to the 1st Mundial in Sailing.

* The final series postponed from 2022 to 2023 



Dear all, 

In autumn 2022*, I will join the largest family of Olympic medalists ever assembled in the same competition, to award and celebrate the winners of the SSL GOLD CUP. Drawing inspiration from the World Cup of Football, the SSL GOLD CUP is not a financial or technical event: it’s a true sporting challenge between nations that celebrates the best sailors in the world and that will bring together the global audience by flattering the national egos. 

When I started sailing, the true legends, Stralino, Elvström, North, Buchan, Melges, De Cardnas, Knowles, were the motivating examples that pushed me to progress and that guided my way. I think that Schuman, Grael, Coutts, Ainslie and Cayard were also inspired by Olympic heroes to become legends themselves. Contemporary youth has the same desire as us: it seeks the heroes who will be their role models and who will give meaning to their daily lives. And rightly, the SSL GOLD CUP offers a media platform that will allow youth and also sports fans to discover Scheidt, Scott, Percy, Goodison, Fantela, our contemporary “models” of sailors. 

As I already said, I think it’s the people who built and made classes great! I think the analysis is true about SSL too: it’s the people who compete in the SSL Events that really makes the concept great! 

It’s why I’m proud to be the Honorary President of the Star Sailors League. 


Dennis Conner


Developed with the guidance of the World’s best sailors and the founders of the SSL (Star Sailors League), the SSL GOLD CUP, a four-year World Sailing Special Event, shines a spotlight on the heroes of Sailing and stirs sporting passions ignited by the national pride. Raced on high performance boats, with an all-national crews of nine, it will provide an action-filled “stadium style” spectacle following the success of the World Cup in Football. 

With the goal of encouraging participation from all countries, including small and emerging sailing nations, the SSL provides the boats and all facilities at no charge to the national teams for training and racing. 


All 144 nations affiliated with World Sailing may be represented by one team, and all team members must be nationals. 


32 seeded nations ranked 25-56 in the SSL Nations Ranking had to go through a Qualifying Series in Grandson, Switzerland, from May 19th to July 17th 2022. Organized in groups of 4 teams, only the top two teams advanced to the Final Series in Gran Canaria from November 10th to December 3rd 2023. The top 23 seeded nations are guaranteed to race directly into the Final Series alongside the Host nation team. The Final Series is also organized in groups of 4 teams, and only the top two teams will advance to the next round, starting from the 1/16 Finals. Only the top 4 nations will have the honor of racing in the Grand Final. Eventually, only one of them will be crowned the Best Sailing Nation. This innovative and user-friendly format was invented by SSL. 

* The final series postponed from 2022 to 2023 

Rules & Regulation

Selection Regulation

The SSL Gold Cup Team Selection Regulations are the rules for selecting teams to compete in the SSL Gold Cup 2022. This includes protocol, team selection, selection dates, nationality criteria, emerging countries, and SSL Gold Cup selection board. With these guidelines, you can stay up-to-date to help select the best team possible.


SSL Gold Cup Charter

The SSL Gold Cup Charter is a document of the rules and regulations for all those who want to compete in the SSL Gold Cup. This charter has been put together to create a more fair and competitive league for all those who are interested in joining. We want to make sure you know that we are committed to providing a safe, equal, and inclusive environment for all SSL team members.


Ranking Regulation

The Star Sailors League is a global sailing competition with a focus on the technical and tactical aspects of competitive racing. This file provides rules and guidelines for all aspects of the league’s competition, including the allocation of points, classes, eligibility, and more.