News presenting the Captain and testimonial

The Captains are the leaders of their teams. They can be onboard or just coordinate. They are all heros in the country they represent, legendary sailors who can inspire the younger generations and the athletes that join the team. The Captains choose five of ten sailors, the other five are coming from the SSL Ranking, making the Captains selection even more strategic as they have to take in consideration different aspects, like experience on big boats, strength, weight, and much more.

The Italian team Captain is nothing less than Vasco Vascotto, 25 times World Champion in different classes of big boats, he is a professor when it comes to fleet racing in teams. He is from the windy city of Trieste, where the Bora wind blows strong in the bay of the Barcolana, Italy’s most famous regatta open to pros and amateurs with about 2000 boats on the starting line each year in October. That wind runs in Vasco’s veins, and he has a special feeling with wind that makes him one of the most sought-after tactician in the World. That is why, very likely, he will be calling tactics at the SSL Gold Cup for the Italian team.