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Rules & Regulation

Selection Regulation

The SSL Gold Cup Team Selection Regulations are the rules for selecting teams to compete in the SSL Gold Cup 2022. This includes protocol, team selection, selection dates, nationality criteria, emerging countries, and SSL Gold Cup selection board. With these guidelines, you can stay up-to-date to help select the best team possible.


SSL Gold Cup Charter

The SSL Gold Cup Charter is a document of the rules and regulations for all those who want to compete in the SSL Gold Cup. This charter has been put together to create a more fair and competitive league for all those who are interested in joining. We want to make sure you know that we are committed to providing a safe, equal, and inclusive environment for all SSL team members.


Ranking Regulation

The Star Sailors League is a global sailing competition with a focus on the technical and tactical aspects of competitive racing. This file provides rules and guidelines for all aspects of the league’s competition, including the allocation of points, classes, eligibility, and more.


Please, access the Notice Board to consult our racing rules.