SSL Gold Cup in the Ranking

Since 2019, a wide range of class race results has been gradually integrated into a weekly world ranking inspired by the ATP tennis ranking with the most successful skipper and crew on top. At the end of the season, the best athletes qualify the best in the world for the annual final of the circuit (with prize money), and every two years for their national team for the SSL Gold Cup.

The SSL Global Ranking does not replace each single specific ranking for every class but completes them offering a simple and attractive overview of inshore sailing to the general public. The SSL Global Ranking brings together about 100,000 athletes is a valuable communication tool to promote the athletes and the sailing season.

For this every international event will be assigned points and it will called SSL4000 (Olympics, America’s Cup, SSL Finals and SSL Gold Cup), SSL2500 (World Championships, Match Racing America’s Cup challengers series, SSL Grand Slams), SSL1000 (Continental Championships, Regattas with more than 200 teams, …) and so on. The points will be worth the total amount for Olympic Classes, while they will be cut to 80% for World Sailing recognized classes non-Olympic, and 75% for any others. There will also be handicaps for non-open regattas, that are worth only 40% of the previously earned points. The points are also not there forever, after 12 months since the event they are cut down to 50% and after 24 months the points claimed at the event by the skipper or crew won’t be added up anymore.

On top of the single sailors ranking, there’s the national one, where the best seven national sailors’ positions (Five best skippers and two best crews) are summed up to find out the best sailing nations of the world, every 10th of the month.

Italy is currently in 8th place, making it in the seventh of seven groups in which are divided into the 56 nations. The seventh groups is the one with the best teams in the SSL Nations Ranking.